Knowing Which Websites Will Be Helpful

It can be difficult to determine if a website will be helpful until browsers have spent a significant amount of time checking out articles, navigational tabs, and terms and conditions. That wastes time and defeats the purpose of finding relevant information quickly. There are some signs that indicate a site is organized, concise, and focused.

One sign is a website that provides some brief description of intentions directly under the name. An example of that point is the biz catalyst 360 website. Directly under the name, browsers will find the words “Insights*Intelligence*Inspiration”. The tag-line indicates what browsers can expect to find.

Another way to ascertain if a site will be helpful is to click on the navigational tabs. Those that were well thought out will have drop down menus that lead directly to specific articles. That saves time and lets the user know what info ration is available at a glance. No menu means users have to scan a litany of past articles to find what is desired. The process may be fast, but it could also take more time than anticipated. Time is much better spent reading relevant articles than looking for them.

An “About” page, if one can be found, is a wise first page to view when a new site is discovered. Browsers get an accurate impression of the site by how that page is written. If the text is professional, direct, and concise it indicates the site values those aspects in articles, videos, and blog posts offered on the site. If that page drones on and on regarding the history of the concept; what contributors like to do in their spare time; or how the site has been a dream project chances are the articles may follow suit.

There is nothing wrong with a casual or informal site. Many people find them interesting, relaxing, and a fun way to take the mind of serious matters. They just may not be all that helpful when seeking specific information about a particular topic. Clear and concise writing is the most helpful when it comes to researching a topic, attempting to gather practical business tips, or learning something new.