The Best Ways to Market Mastery Recruiting Techniques

An executive search company specializes in locating top quality applicants for positions in a large geographic area. They are also known as headhunters because they hunt for individuals by scouring want ads and resumes to find the top candidates for a broad range of executive level openings. No matter what they are called, the only way for an executive search firm to be successful is by finding placements for available job openings as quickly as possible. Many businesses Market mastery recruiting as one of their specialties, but the only way to verify this is to look at their placement rate. Be sure a firm is being honest about their success by researching the following items.

Retention Rate

One of the easiest ways to determine the credibility of a recruiting agency is to look at the retention rate of their placements. If recruits don’t have a track record of staying at placements for an extended period, it could be an indicator that they are not good matches. It can be expensive to use an executive search firm, and when they don’t find a successful placement, it can lead to thousands of lost dollars.

Placement Turnaround

When a company hires a recruiting agency, they are looking to find a placement as quickly as possible. It can be frustrating to have a position open for an extended amount of time, so be sure to ask the agency selected what their average turnaround time is. While 4-6 weeks isn’t uncommon, search firms that exceed eight may not have the connections needed to find the best candidates for a position within an organization.

Candidate Qualifications

It is important that the recruiting agency that is chosen conducts thorough reference, background and qualification checks. This ensures that the individual is not lying about their experience or education and that they will have the requirements of the position that is offered. It can be detrimental to hire someone without the proper qualifications, but a quality executive search firm can prevent that from happening.

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